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MailTrac | Return Mail


NBS offers secure and efficient handling of undelivered or returned mail. The United States Postal Service (USPS) receives roughly 6.9 billion pieces of “Undeliverable as Addressed” mail annually — costing nearly $1.4 billion. NBS manages your returned mail by receiving it into our secure facility.

Using our advanced mail tracking and verification system MailTrac, users have the ability to track individual pieces through the mail stream and access detailed electronic reports that show reasons for non-delivery. Every mail piece sent through NBS is marked with a unique Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)® that enables us to sort and track individual mail pieces to provide greater mail stream visibility. NBS will provide you with updated USPS information to ensure future mail pieces reach the correct address.

Let NBS handle:

  • Change of addresses
  • Undeliverable addresses
  • Merge/purge processing

Automated return mail