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3 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

3 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Jun 22 2017

The NBS team has been hitting the trade show circuit lately, spreading the word on billing services, postal processing, and online document management. As it goes with many things, better preparation leads to more opportunities at trade shows. Here are a few simple tips for making the most of the experience:

  1. Follow the three-second rule.

You have approximately three seconds to get people’s attention as they walk by your booth. This isn’t a call to set up a light show or display every color in the Pantone color report. Less is more. Make sure the booth and table are in good condition. Make sure the logo is visible. Make sure there’s one defining message that jumps out quickly.

  1. Be consistent.

About that logo: Check that it’s the same on all your materials. Comprehensive branding makes an impression. It is your company’s outfit, and it should be neatly pressed and instantly recognizable. The details matter.

  1. Get the technical difficulties sorted ahead of time.

A slow laptop has a way of slowing down a good conversation. Check in on all the electronics you’re using for presentations, even if you’ve used them before.

Take advantage of trade shows and opportunities they present. Showcase your brand with confidence. And remember: having a great giveaway never hurts.