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The 2 Questions a Bill Needs to Answer Right Away

Jul 06 2017
The 2 Questions a Bill Needs to Answer Right Away

At NBS, we offer a variety of customer communication solutions, but we recognize that a bill's efficiency and clarity come before any other bells and whistles. Here are the two questions every bill should answer immediately. 1. "How much do I owe?" This is a case where the bottom line should be the top line, whether it’s a paper bill or an electronic bill. The number could never be too obvious. Loud and clear, front and center. 2. "When is it due?" The final call for payment is almost more important for you than it is for the customer. Don't bury this somewhere on the bottom of the paper or screen. Any other messaging, information, or design should support these two pieces of information, because the third question is the one we've all asked ourselves upon opening the mailbox or inbox: 3. "Is all I ever do pay bills?" Well, yes. That's all any of us do. To take the edge off and strengthen customer reten ...