Data Entry Service at NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. began in 1972 as a data entry service provider. Today’s competitive business environment demands that companies manage their resources wisely. This means efficiently directing their available workforce toward accomplishing the company’s mission critical functions. For 40 years NBS has helped our clients focus on their core competencies by providing necessary ancillary business services in a timely and efficient manner.
NBS has provided high quality data entry services for 40 years. Data entry was, in fact, the reason NBS was created. Even in 1972 astute business people realized the value of having their company’s critical data entered by qualified specialists.
National Business Systems, Inc. understands the needs of the clients we serve. We understand the importance of accurate data, timely turnaround, and cost effective service.

NBS has the unique ability to effectively integrate complimentary business services with the data entry process to provide a total project solution. These services include clerical and coding, document imaging, payment processing, and database management. By incorporating multiple NBS processes, we are able to provide our clients with the cost effective solution they seek.

From giant financial institutions to small telecommunication subscribers, data entry service is critical in the back office job of any business. Regardless of volume, storing digital records in a database will make any business process more efficient.
Based on the types of business process, a wide array of needed data entry services exists.

Insurance Claim Entry, Legal Document Entry, Card/Book/Image Entry are just a few of the many different areas that data entry service is needed. Any invoice processing system comes with many different aspects to maintain the system properly: collection, monitoring, reporting and keeping records through data entry service. Inside the back office of banks, insurance and credit/mortgage companies you will find a separate data entry team who are engaged in storing financial records of their customers. Outsourcing the data entry process allows these companies to focus on their core business.

Recording millions of health reports, patient notes and doctor reports in digital format are not an easy task - especially in the healthcare industry. The NBS data entry service has made the task simple – creating digital databases from pools of printed information. The growing requirement of data entry service is critical in the modern healthcare industry.

Today you will find the significance of data entry service in many different industry verticals and the demand for data entry continues to grow rapidly.

Data Entry

NBS opened its doors in 1972 as a Data Entry service provider.

Keying from paper or from image using sophisticated data entry software.


New Headquarters in Eagan, MN

NBS designed, built and moved into their new headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota. Over 43,000 Square Feet of Office and Production facility under one roof.