Database Management ServiceNational Business Systems, Inc. provides full database management services.
NBS prides itself on it's ability to help manage your customer database, allowing you to retain your customer relationships using a clean and well built database. The reality of today's business environment is that the dynamic markets we work and live in are fast moving. Customer needs change frequently and businesses serve a much more broad client base. Businesses realized that in order to maintain relationships with their ever-changing clientele, they needed to manage these customers in a more efficient and up-to-date method to keep up with their competition.

Today's database's allow any business to manage customer relationships in a far more organized manner than at any other time in history.

As businesses search for new ways to stay in contact with their existing customer base,a properly formatted and managed database provides qucik and easy access to customer personal data, group data, customer demographics and much more.

Using a properly managed database for marketing efforts, allows the identification of viable prospects for repeat or new sales, to be easily obtained using less employee hours, therby reducing the cost of the overall marketing effort. Using the database to plan and forecast future sales and business growth becomes easier and more effective with proper management of the database. Businesses may manipulate the customer data within the database to "see" what is actually happening within the sales cycle.

Utilizing National Business Systems as your database developer and manager allows your business to focus on its core competencies, while at the same time saving valuable resource dollars and building a tool for higher growth.,


NBS houses 100's of millions of records in databases.

Marketing Databases
Financial Databases
Historical Databases

Proprietary Database

NBS created its SODA product to allow instant searches through millions of records. Customers view documents anytime, anywhere.

Secure Online Data Access (SODA)