Document Imaging Services highted at NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. has conversion services that will create digital images from your paper documents and then provide the means to access those documents on virtually any computer system.
Your paper records - anything from small notes to large drawings to bound books - can be converted and indexed so that you have fast access to all your documents.
NBS uses state of the art digital scanners and a highly trained staff to give you the best quality.
Have you considered converting your stacks of paper documents into an electronic file? If so, then you should take a look at what National Business Systems can do for you.

Many businesses believe that the cost of outsourcing to a document imaging company is out of their budget, when in fact they can actually save money by outsourcing this one specific task. Document Management Systems can transform the way your business operates. Whether you're trying to reduce the amount of paper stored within your business, or trying to improve the way in which your documents are viewed, the right document management system can benefit businesses both large and small.

One of the more obvious reason for choosing to "go digital" is if your company is literally filled to the ceiling in paper, folders and file cabinets. Another reason is that many industries have begun to fall under the influence of legislation that requires specific procedures for record keeping. Financial services, medical practices and the legal industry certainly have specific requirements when it comes to the storage and retrieval of confidential information. For businesses in these particularly regulated industries, document management systems are by far the best way to comply with the strict security and record-keeping rules and regulations.

Of course, these are not the only industries in need of document imaging and management. Human resources and accounting firms and departments are well suited for digital storage and management. Obviously the government, following many regulations, uses digital storage systems. Without the capability to scan and store documents the amount of paper files would be inconceivable.

Our Service Capabilities:
• Image clean-up
• Indexing and index verification
• Barcoding
• Full text OCR/ICR
• Database creation
• Database conversion
• Scanning software
• Data conversion
• CD, DVD creation
• Internet or FTP


NBS began backfile paper document scanning in 2001..

Scanning your recent and archived paper files, documents, blueprints or any other paper and converting them into an electronic format.


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