NBS's Document Delivery Solution replaces paper with electronic documents that are delivered as secure attachments directly to customer emails inboxes.

Our electronic document delivery solution can be used to replace any paper document that is printed and delivered by mail

The document is designed as an exact replica of the paper that it replaces, but with optional, additional, interactive functionality.

We provide a cost effective delivery channel, with the overall goal of achieving paper reduction. Supported by advanced email technologies, the electronic documents are protected by state of the art encrypted security mechanisms.

Advantages of secure, electronic documents:
+ Significantly reduces paper, printing and postage costs
+ Ability to integrate advanced functionality within an offline electronic document
+ The attachment is secured using the latest in encryption technology
+ Electronic documents allow for additional touch points with customers
+ Trusted links within the secure electronic documents
+ Provides effective marketing real estate
+ Detailed tracking reports

Most of our clients achieve 10 - 20% paper turn-off in the first year and 25 - 40% by the end of year two.

Our solution attends to every detail concerning the delivery channel:
+ Strategies to help clients collect customer email addresses
+ Ease of data integration
+ Universal platform support for the eDocument format and the ability to match the creative of the paper that it replaces
+ The use of email as the delivery channel (email is still the foremost digital communication
channel of choice)
+ Deliverability strategies to ensure maximum email inbox penetration
+ Security mechanisms to protect electronic document authenticity and integrity
+ One click access to view the electronic document
+ Flexible storage options that allow electronic documents to be saved and viewed outside the email client

Examples of eDocument applications:
+ eStatements: many banks utilize NBS eStatements to drive down paper costs and support online banking initiatives
+ Overdue notices: An email notification is sent to the customer advising them that their account is now past due.
+ AutoPay: Applications for re-occurring debit are encrypted, partially pre-populated and sent via email
+ Update your details: A simple 'update your details form' can be pre-populated and delivered to a customer

Electronic Delivery

1. Documents hosted in SODA and delivered to your customer through a secure Single Sign-On (SSO). This SSO request would be made from your internally hosted website.

2. Documents hosted in SODA and your customers are handed off to a branded SODA from your internally hosted website.

3. Electronic notifications can be sent with a link to a website stating that documents are ready for viewing.

Email Delivery

NBS can deliver documents via email directly to your customers.

Documents have the option of being encrypted with a password specified by you.