Mailing Service at NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. provides full-scale mail services for a large, and vastly diverse, group of clients. In partnership with Sensible Technologies, NBS has assembled Mailstar Intelligent inserters and Luxe sheet feeder folders capable of inserting over 50,000,000 (fifty million) paackages annually all located under one roof in our Eagan, MN headquarters. With the ability to offer mail services to our clients, coupled with the print services NBS offers, our clients have found that our bundled print and mail service package offerings are of benefit to many of their other departments. Our mail services group consists of a very knowledgeable and dedicated staff, high-end Sensible Technologies equipment, unmatched 2D barcode processing cameras and software, along with precision production moitoring tools (some developed in-house specifically for the mail service industries we serve) as well as full-time, on-site Sensible Technologies support personnel to ensure machine uptimes unequaled by others.

With our Sensible Technologies Mailstar 500 6-Station inserters, along with our Sensible Technologies Mailstar 500 4-Station inserters as well as our Sensible Technologies 9x12 Flats inserter and coupled with our extensive postal metering equipment, NBS is positioned to transition any mail service needs into a nearly seamless experience for our clients.

Using our proprietary in-house developed tracking, monitoring and verification system to eliminate production issues that may develop during the insertion process - coupled with our mailing reports for cross-monitored accuracy verification - NBS is your one-stop shop for any Mail Service need that may arise.


NBS is a trusted partner with Sensible Technologies.

Solutions that deliver more uptime.


NBS has the capacity to mail over 50,000,000 (fifty million) packages annually.

Enough packages to cover the distance of 270 marathons per year. Another reason NBS should "run" your print and mail outsourcing.