Microfilm Scanning Conversion ServiceNational Business Systems, Inc. provides full microfilm scanning and indexing services for microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards. NBS uses state-of-the-art microfilm scanners and a highly trained staff to give you the best quality of microfilm and microfiche scanning available. Many microfilm and microfiche libraries are decades old and possibly damaged. Most microfilm rolls were created at various quality levels, and most likely stored in poor conditions - on top of being viewed so many times that the film is damaged. If this is condition of your microfilm or microfiche, you will need to work with a company like National Business Systems.

NBS is a company with the experience of managing the challenging elements of maintaining image quality of these valuable microfilm and microfiche components.

Every format of microfilm can be converted to a digital format (Microfiche, jacketed fiche, 16mm and 35mm microfilm, COM, 105 mm Step & Repeat Microfiche and aperture cards). Converting microfilm allows businesses to search for any specific image, and even grant multiple user access to images. No more microfilm readers or looking through film. Converting microfilm to digital images and storing on a secure company network allows you to retrieve any image almost instantly.
Additional advantages of converting microfilm and microfiche to a new digital format:

• E-mail and fax an image with the touch of a few buttons.
• Convert to PDF for portability
• Massively reduce the time it currently takes to retrieve an image
• View images from a web browser, No Software License!
• Couple with NBS OCR service to Redact sensitive information contained on the film.

By converting this old, worn out media to a new digital format - you open up the ability to search for the information you need by using standard search terms. You no longer need to look at tiny images or lost microfiche cards (or tapes). Quickly find the document you need and print, e-mail or fax.


NBS began microfilming documents in 1973.

16mm & 35mm Roll Film
100' and 250' Lengths
Blipped or Un-Blipped


NBS began creating microfiched documents in 1974.

COM Microfiche
Jacket Microfiche
Step & Repeat


From 1980-1995 NBS was the 2nd Largest provider of micrographics services in the United States - we know microfilm and microfiche!