ONLINE FILE STORAGE (Secure Online Data Access)

Online File Storage at NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. online file storage system - SODA (Secure Online Data Access), is a solution that allows users to search and retrieve indexed documents using an easy-to-use and secure web-based interface.
NBS is especially proud of its ability to provide web presentment and access services through its self-developed, proprietary SODA solution.
Through SODA, NBS provides a web based Document Archive (online file storage) solution to its customers. Web Archives allow customers to access their online file storage data in a centralized secure location. The Web Archive associates paper and film-based documents with electronic data, creating a single source for information retrieval.

NBS has relied on its 40 years experience with customer data and document management to create the ultimate solution. Web Archive supports output from all of the services NBS provides as well as electronic reports received from its customers.

SODA supports documents generated from native print streams, imaged from paper, or generated from other systems. Documents are indexed, linked and archived in an online file storage area for up to 7 years, allowing secure access to business critical documents. Longer retention periods are available upon request.

SODA is a scalable solution allowing for the ingestion of any number and variety of documents, with a permission-based security model that guarantees users can access only the documents they have permissions to view.

SODA is an NBS-developed, proprietary and customizable web presentment tool designed to make document storage and retrieval a simple and cost effective solution. NBS uses the document exchange open standard, PDF, for all images loaded into SODA. Documents are organized according to each clients predetermined index values. Users are given the ability to retrieve a list of all documents loaded within a repository, or limit their results to specific documents or document types. The number of results displayed is dependent upon the search criteria entered to filter on specific index values. After retrieving a list of results, users have the ability to view a single PDF or combine a list of multiple documents into a single PDF. This function can be performed instantaneously to create unique users specific combinations of documents. As a customizable secure system, NBS has developed varying security methods that can be used to limit the access not only to the online site itself, but also to specific documents or document types housed within each repository.


Secure Online Data Access.

Web Based
Permission Based


SODA houses images and indexed data for easy online retrieval.

Over 300,000,000 images currently accessible through SODA