Optical Character Recognition (OCR) at NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. has incorporated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) into many of its processes. With intelligent Forms-Based OCR, as well as Full-Page OCR for both structured and unstructured documents, NBS has positioned itself as a leader in Optical Character Recognition technology. Done correctly, OCR enables users to search for, and retrieve, individual words and phrases located within a single page or an entire file. A database containing data extracted from a page or group of pages may be beneficial to businesses requiring specific data to be used for continued record keeping of older paper documents, microfilm, microfiche and to lessen the strain of vast warehousing of historical information.

With increased accuracy rates of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), scanning and processing of back-file information is a viable option for many businesses looking for cost-saving methods throughout their business. The need for information at a moment's notice in an ever-increasing digital world, requires digitizing and extracting information from old paper forms and microfilmed documents more and more.

National Business Systems has become a leader in the conversion of historical documents and books using Optical Character Recognition technology. Advanced processing software, as well as supporting software to increase speed and accuaracy, allows NBS to process millions of documents annually at an extremely high rate of accuracy. OCR is emerging as a tool to alleviate the pain associated with document management and storage of those documents.

NBS has created a workflow and process to accurately redact sensitive information from scanned images and microfilm. Incorporating multiple tools including our Abbyy FormReader and internally designed software, NBS has the ability to redact Social Security Numbers, Account Numbers, Credit Card Numbers and any other area needing redaction, quickly and effectively.

NBS has processed millions upon millions of documents using their ABBYY software. Converting useless scanned images into searchable documents and databases. As one of the largest licensed users of ABBYY Recognition Server in the United States, NBS is the choice of many clients in need of Optical Character Recognition service.


Mechanical or Electronic translation of scanned images.

Microfilm and Microfiche

Software Used

NBS uses software for structured and unstructured OCR.

Abbyy Recognition Server
Abbyy FormReader
Abbyy FlexiCapture Development


NBS uses multiple tools to redact sensitive information from scanned documents and film.

Social Security Numbers
Account Numbers
Credit Card Numbers